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Jeff Nottage: « I have always thought that running a bed and breakfast would be fun »

Jeff Nottage: « I have always thought that running  a bed and breakfast would be fun »

Monsieur Jeff Nottage, professeur d’anglais au CS, a accepté de répondre à notre petit questionnaire, mais à la seule condition que l’interview soit en anglais.

Why did I choose this job ?

It was a bit of a coincidence, I was working part time as a journalist when I found out that they needed an English teacher here. I started working 50% and I enjoyed it.

The most important subject after the one I’m teaching

Officially the other subject I can teach is geography. I don’t teach it, but I enjoy it

My principal character trait

I suppose that people would say being  calm, but I tend to be a bit nervous sometimes, probably people don’t realise.

The first thing I do after my last lesson of the week

I usually just continue working, there is always so much  to do. Especially  Fridays, I finish teaching at eleven,  then I usually just go on until 5 or 6 p.m

If I wasn’t a teacher, what would I be

I have always thought that running  a bed and breakfast would be fun. Maybe in another country,  maybe in Asia or Down Under. Who knows ! We’ll see if it happens…

What bad habit do I tolerate

Being messy or being  disorganised, or even being late, because I’m often late so I would forgive that easily.

What do I hate more than anything else

People who lie.

My main weakness

Hum….. I think I tend to imagine the worst when there is no reason for that.

Students are either angels  or devils

Here they are mainly angels ;-)

Mac or PC


The gift of nature that I would like to have

I would like to have the eyesight of cats. I read recently that cats see better at night than we do during  the day.

A tune in my mind


My favourite occupation

Playing music. I play the bass. I play in a band and we will soon give a concert ;-)

Am I a maniac or an untidy person

I try to be a tidy person

My biggest dream

To take a year off and travel the world

If not myself who would I like to be

I suppose I would like to be someone I admire. Maybe a philosopher, they usually have good ideas

The most beautiful scenery


Holidays up in the mountains or at the sea

Up in the mountains. I like the sea too, but If I had to choose between the two I would like to be near the seaside but  up in the mountains

I am more a morning or an evening person

Somewhere in between. I don’t like getting up early  and I don’t go  to bed very late

A sound that I like

It’s called the  gamelan, it’s an instrument played  in Indonesia. It’s wonderful to listen to it. It’s percussion and it’s made  of some kind of steel. When I was in Indonesia there was a group playing that while we were having breakfast, so that plus the sound of the waves on the beach was just heaven !

My favourite quotation (citation)

I have such a bad memory that I never remember them, but I have a Canadian friend who used to say  « You have to be a rock but not to roll! »

An historical person that I admire

I admire the people of Tunisia and Egypt at the moment, because they have had the courage to stand up against something  which is really unfair. Against people who are lying

What about double cream

I like it. I like it a lot.  luckily I don’t eat it too often because it’s kind of heavy to digest but I can eat a fair amount ;-)


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  1. France dit :

    euh… et les gens qui n’parlent pas anglais, vous en faites quoi? ^^


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